MOT at Autobedrijf P. Troost & Zonen

At Autobedrijf P. Troost & Zonen you can go for the APK inspection of your car, regardless of make and model. Make an appointment now and we will ensure that you can safely hit the road again for another year.

We have inspectors who carry out the APK inspection of your car. During this inspection, your car is tested for safety and environmental requirements. For example, the brakes must be good and the car must not emit too many polluting substances.


The new apk rules

For cars after January 1, 2005, new MOT rules apply. Nothing changes for all passenger cars registered before this date and an annual MOT is required from 3 years (and older). You can present your car for the inspection up to 2 months before the end of the inspection date. If approved, the inspection date will then be moved back one year.

Date 1st admission Fuel type APK
after 01-01-2005 Petrol and/or electric motor 1st MOT after 4 years, then 2x after 2 years, then every year
after 01-01-2005 Diesel, LPG 1st MOT after 3 years, thereafter every year
before 01-01-2005 All fuels 1st MOT after 3 years, thereafter every year
vehicle > 30 years All fuels 1x per 2 years
before 01-01-1960 All fuels no MOT mandatory